ICB Subject to Choose From.

We are a training provider for ICB Courses. Our role is to provide tutorials for to ICB students, prepare them to write the ICB exams. Our tutors have more than six years teaching ICB subjects and other industrial experience. Our goal is to make students pass their exams and obtain valuable business studies skills for employment that are endorsed by credible Business Qualifications.

Students need to acquire ICB Textbook materials and register for their exams when they are ready. Currently, we do not provide ICB Textbooks. However, we can assist a student in books in some cases; you need to contact the administration for more information regarding this.

Our Speciality is to provide online & face to face tutorials. We also distribute other study material subjects as tutorial video, Exam type question papers to assist students with preparations for exams. PoEs, are a crucial part of an exam, the student needs to pass it with flying for them to past the exam. We mentor students on writing their PoEs.